2020 is the year we bridge the gap - for good.

In addition to current programs, we've started the grant writing process for major programs set to launch in early 2021. Check out our plans below!

Back to School Drive

July 1 - August 21, 2020 Closed

More than 9.3 million U.S. students attended school in a rural area last year. What's even more jarring is that rural youth academic performance is 60-100 points below the Common Core standard. Many schools in these areas are functioning without the necessary supplies like pens, paper and notebooks that would enable their teachers and students to succeed.

The Good Rural (Tax ID# 84-3572767) is hosting a virtual donation drive to send supplies to schools in the Butte, Shasta, Siskiyou and Yolo counties.


The COVID-19 Conference

A training certification program designed to enable California school administrators and daycare providers to facilitate a smooth transition into at-home learning. We are about to begin the grant writing process to launch the COVID-19 Conference in 2021.

Tools & Guidance

A 10 course training program in compliance-management to learn best practices for how to mitigate everyday 'people risks'.

Essential Items

Those who complete the program receive essential items such as cleaning supplies, air filters, cloth face masks, water filters and more.

Scalable Distance Learning

With preparation, we can keep our schools operating at their best, to handle the transition to and long-term effects of at home learning.


The Good Start
startup nonprofit accelerator

The Good Start is a startup nonprofit acceleration project by The Good Rural. We’re building a network of mentors and resources to give individuals in rural or urban communities the necessary support system to start their nonprofit. Good Start startups will receive ongoing support once it leaves the accelerator.


  • Local/state business filing

  • Grant writing

  • Financial management

  • Office space resourcing

  • Fiscal Sponsorship

Back Office Resources

  • Insurance (general liability errors and omission, workers compensation)

  • Human Resources/Compliance (employee onboarding, benefits implementation/management)

Mentor Network

  • Peer-to-peer coaching

  • Networking events

  • In-kind sponsorship

  • Product development support


The Good Force
workforce development program

A technical workforce development program that offers opportunities to earn a weekly stipend while gaining technical skills. Job search assistance, resume writing, mock interviews, and job retention services are offered to all students while in the program and for a full year after job placement.
We are about to start the grant writing process to launch our inaugural technical course in 2021: Salesforce Administrator Certification. This is a 14-week intensive training course for transitional-age youth between the ages of 18-24.

The Salesforce Administrator Certification course includes virtual classroom training, real-life projects, group activities for better reinforcement and real-world industry-based case studies for practical application. Each participant will receive six weeks of professional development as well as continuous support throughout the program. Upon completing these final six weeks, students will receive a completion stipend.

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